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The Lebanese Canadian Bank ... the winning bank

June 25, 2004 - For the second consecutive year, the football team sponsored by the Lebanese Canadian Bank won the Banks Cup in the final match against the team sponsored by "Banque du Liban et d'Outre-Mer" (BLOM), scoring 2 - 0 (First half: 1 - 0). The two goals were scored by Ahmed Itani and Elie Abou Karam. The match was organized in the "Rebound" playground, in the presence of senior officials and several bankers.

During this match, the Lebanese Canadian Bank team was made up of: Antoine Saade (Technical director), Mohammad Abou Alyou (Captain of the team), Ahmed Itani, Dany Nahhas, Elie Abou Karam, Ibrahim Ammar, Mohammad Chedid, Georges Skerak, Hassan Bitar, Abdallah Assaf, and Nasrallah Karam.

The Banks Championship in Basket Ball

December 2004 - The employees' basket ball team of the Lebanese Canadian Bank reached the second position during the final match of the annual tournament organized by the Lebanese banks employees' union in the military club of Mar Roukoz, in Dekwaneh, during the second half of December 2004. Our wishes of progress and repetitive victories go to both teams!

Christmas at the Lebanese Canadian Bank

December 19, 2004 - As usual, the employees' club of the Lebanese Canadian Bank organized, on Sunday December 19, 2004, at the theatre of the Val Pere Jack school, run by the sisters of the Cross, in Jal-el-Dib, an annual Christmas ceremony for the children of the employees whose age is between 1 day and 10 years. This year, the feast was characterized by an abundant participation, the number of participants exceeding 500. These employees work in all the branches of the bank and all the regions of Lebanon, including the most remote ones. Below some of the activities which were scheduled in the program:

  • Breakfast
  • Circus and acrobatic demonstrations (birds, living animals) as part of the professional Ukrainian circus
  • Distribution of the gifts to the children by Santa Claus. The number of presents exceeded 273 presents which were chosen according to the age of the child whose name was specified. (Our thanks go to Mrs. Jody Faysal who showed a great deal of cooperation)

"Homentmen" honors its women ping-pong players

May 12, 2004 - The "Homentmen" club of Beirut has honored its women ping-pong team, sponsored by the Lebanese Canadian Bank and winner of the women section in the Lebanese Championship for ping-pong. To this purpose, the club organized a ceremony at "George Farah" restaurant, in Jdeideh, in the presence of the president of Bourj Hammoud municipality, Antranik Masirlyan, the president of the high commission of the Homentmen association Hagop Kichichian, the commission members, the president of the ping-pong federation, Michel Dochdarvian, and finally, the president of the ping-pong commission in "Homentmen", Rami Momjamgolian and Elie Azar.

The president of the municipality of Bourj Hammoud delivered a speech in which he assured that the champions of "Homentmen" proved that they were up to the task which was entrusted to them: after they won the Arab Championship, they completed their victory by winning the Lebanese Championship and deserved to be the pride of Lebanon.